Thesis theme tutorial

Also follow along with the datasheet and like always if you questions post them in the form below.

Thesis theme tutorial

I want them all! Sew right on top of the rectangle lines, decreasing stitch length to 1 before getting to the short end.

Keep the stitch length short all the way until turning the second corner. Increase stitch length to normal 2. Draw another line right down the center of the rectangle lengthwise.

Cut along that center line. When you reach the little short line you drew in step 10, cut into the corner of the rectangle on both sides getting as close as possible without cutting the stitches. After cutting you should have little triangle pieces on the ends of the rectangle.

Press the pocket away from the purse, creating sharp creases where the seam is. Push the pocket fabric through the slit to the wrong side of the purse piece and press. Lay your work down on the table with the purse piece facing up.

Flip one side of the purse piece over to expose the pocket behind and that little triangle of fabric from cutting the slit. Sew the triangle down to the pocket fabric as close to the purse or the wide base of the triangle as possible. Use a zipper foot.

Repeat on opposite side. Position so the zipper pull is a little underneath the fabric in case the fabric stretches as you sew.

Using a zipper foot, sew right along the edge of the purse. Begin sewing on the same side of the zipper for both sides — I start at the bottom of the zipper and sew toward the pull.

Sew the two long edges and then go back and sew the short edges. Finished front view Finished back view Fold the pocket up, right sides together. Be sure to keep the purse fabric free from the pocket fabric. The pocket is finished!

How to fold a quillow!

I tried to break it down into very small steps to be as clear as possible so even though this tutorial was long and boring, making the pocket will be a snap! Finish constructing the purse as per the pattern instructions and enjoy your zippered pocket!

I never attempted to make one as it looked complicated. It looks all very clear to me now and simple!

Thesis theme tutorial

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