The life of edgar cayce the sleeping prophet

During this time, Cayce received an eighth-grade education, is said by the Association for Research and Enlightenment to have developed psychic abilities, [13] and left the family farm to pursue various forms of employment. Cayce's education stopped in the ninth grade because his family could not afford the costs involved. Much of the remainder of Cayce's younger years would be characterized by a search for both employment and money.

The life of edgar cayce the sleeping prophet

During this time, Cayce received an eighth-grade education, is said by the Association for Research and Enlightenment to have developed psychic abilities, [13] and left the family farm to pursue various forms of employment. On March 14,Cayce became engaged to Gertrude Evans.

Throughout his life, Cayce was drawn to church as a member of the Disciples of Christ. He read the Bible once a year every year, taught at Sunday school[15] and recruited missionaries. He said he could see auras around people, spoke to angels, and heard voices of departed relatives.

In his early years, he agonized over whether these psychic abilities were spiritually delivered from the highest source. He then decided to take up the trade of photographyan occupation that would exert less strain on his voice. He began an apprenticeship at the photography studio of W.

Bowles in Hopkinsville, and eventually became quite talented in his trade.

The life of edgar cayce the sleeping prophet

Cayce accepted his offer, and the experiment was conducted in the office of Manning Brown, the local throat specialist. Hart tried a posthypnotic suggestion that the voice would continue to function after the trance, but this proved unsuccessful. A New York hypnotist, Dr Quackenboss, found the same impediment but, after returning to New York, suggested that Cayce should be prompted to take over his own case while in the second stage of hypnosis.

The only local hypnotist, Al Layne, offered to help Cayce restore his voice. On awakening, his voice was alleged to have remained normal. Apparently, relapses occurred, but were said to have been corrected by Layne in the same way, and eventually the cure was said to be permanent.

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Layne regarded the ability as clairvoyance. Layne suggested that Cayce offer his trance healing to the public.

Edgar Cayce Foundation I think he just defies explanation. There are those out there that call him a fraud but I don't see how he could have faked his way through the medical descriptions.

Cayce was reluctant as he had no idea what he was prescribing while asleep, and whether the remedies were safe. He also told Layne he himself did not want to know anything about the patient as it was not relevant.

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He finally agreed, on the condition that readings would be free. Cayce was still reticent and worried, as "one dead patient was all he needed to become a murderer".

Few people knew what he was up to. There was a common belief at the time that subjects of hypnosis eventually went insane, or at least that their health suffered. In May he got a bookshop job in the town of Bowling Green where he boarded with some young professionals, two of whom were doctors.

Cayce, still worried, kept the meetings secret, and continued to refuse money for his readings. He invented a card game called Pit or Board of Trade, simulating wheat market trading, that became popular, but when he sent the idea to a game company they copyrighted it and he got no returns.

He still refused to give readings for money. They had three children: A few days later Layne revealed the activity to the professionals at the boarding house, one of whom was a magistrate and journalist, after which state medical authorities forced Layne to close his practice.

He left to acquire osteopathic qualifications in Franklin. Cayce and Gertrude accepted the resulting publicity as best they could, greatly aided by the diplomacy of the young doctors. All the experiments confirmed the accuracy of the readings.Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet By Jess Stearn Contents: Book Cover (Front) (Back) Scan / Edit Notes Quote It was like any other day for Edgar Cayce.

The life of edgar cayce the sleeping prophet

He went to sleep, by merely lying down and closing his It was a disjointed excerpt from a past life reading, a Cayce specialty, and could be applied, if the French-Indochina war, which.

The Sleeping Wonder. Cayce The Man. Cayce's Time Clock. Checking Him Out. California - Earthquakes. World Prophecies. The Doctors And Cayce.

Twenty Years Later. The Doctors Catch On. The Incurable Diseases. Cayce's Home Remedies. The Dream World. At Last, Atlantis.

Reincarnation. The Cayce Babies. Jun 01,  · Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet: The Life, the Prophecies, and Readings of America's Most Famous Mystic by. Jess Stearn. · Rating details · 3, Ratings · 45 Reviews This biography, written by New York Times bestselling author Jess Stearn, will hold the reader spellbound and in wonder at the enduring gift of enlightenment /5(45).

America’s Sleeping Prophet. For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce gave readings for medical diagnosis and eventually “Life Readings” aka soul readings, from the Akashic Records. Cayce possessed the ability to put himself into a deep trance state to access medical and spiritual information for the benefit of clients and.

Edgar Cayce () has been called the sleeping prophet, the father of holistic medicine, and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet [Jess Stearn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A fascinating biography written by the country's foremost authorities on metaphysics.

The Edgar Cayce story is one of the most compelling in inspirational literature. For more than forty years/5(73).

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