Statistics coursework journeys

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Statistics coursework journeys

This course introduces students to the basic concepts and logic of statistical reasoning and gives the students introductory-level practical ability to choose, generate, and properly interpret appropriate descriptive and inferential methods.

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In addition, the course helps students gain an appreciation for the diverse applications of statistics and its relevance to their lives and fields of study. The course does not assume any prior knowledge in statistics and its only prerequisite is basic algebra. We offer two versions of statistics, each with a different emphasis: Probability and Statistics and Statistical Reasoning.

Each course includes all expository text, simulations, case studies, comprehension tests, interactive learning exercises, and the StatTutor labs.

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Each course contains all of the instructions for the four statistics packages options we support. One of the main differences between the courses is the path through probability. Probability and Statistics includes the classical treatment of probability as it is in the earlier versions of the OLI Statistics course.

This course is designed to be equivalent to one semester of a college statistics course. Additional Software or Materials Required: You will also need to have Flash, Java, and mathml installed; these programs are free. Both versions have four units with the difference between the two versions being in the third unit Probability as outlined below.

Unit 1 Exploratory Data Analysis. This is organized into two modules — Examining Distributions and Examining Relationships. The general approach is to provide students with a framework that will help them choose the appropriate descriptive methods in various data analysis situations.

Unit 2 Producing Data. This unit is organized into two modules — Sampling and Study Design. As stated above, this is the unit where the two versions of the course differ.

In the Probability and Statistics course the unit is a classical treatment of probability and includes basic probability principles, conditional probability, discrete random variables including the Binomial distribution and continuous random variables with emphasis on the normal distribution.

Both probability parts culminate in a discussion of sampling distributions that is grounded in simulation. This unit introduces students to the logic as well as the technical side of the main forms of inference: The unit covers inferential methods for the population mean and population proportion, Inferential methods for comparing the means of two groups and of more than two groups ANOVAthe Chi-Square test for independence and linear regression.

The unit reinforces the framework that the students were introduced to in the Exploratory Data Analysis for choosing the appropriate, in this case, inferential method in various data analysis scenarios.

Statistics coursework journeys

Throughout the course there are many interactive elements. The course is built around a series of carefully devised learning objectives that are independently assessed.

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Most of the interactive tutors are tagged by learning objective and skill, and so student work can be tracked by the system and reported to the instructor via the Learning Dashboard.

These give the instructor insight into mastery of learning objectives and skills, both for the class as a whole and for individual students.These ones (journeys in particular as there is a large dataset) are for those of you that are serious and are looking to achieve an A or a B.

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