Something i cant live without

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Something i cant live without

One area of our personal expression is what is important to us, or put another way, what we feel we cannot live without. Each of us will have unique items on our list, and it can be a valuable exercise to create a personal list.

As physical beings, there are some obvious things that we know we cannot live without. Primarily they include things like, oxygen, water, food and sleep. Secondarily, they include things like clothes and shelter. We are eternal — we are complete — we simply ARE. There is nothing lacking or needing in this state.

Today, I know that aside from my physical needs, there really is nothing without which I could really not live. Below are some of the things I have chosen to put on my personal list. After reading it, I invite you to create your own list to foster a sense of knowing what you stand for, and want to invest nurturing in your life.

Love This is the essence of my being — of all of our beings. For me love encompasses so much, love of self, love of others, love of nature, love of life, love of the present moment and so much more!

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My Life Partner I know that I am very blessed for not only having found, but being able to connect to a soul that I have spent many amazing lifetimes with. My life partner—my husband—and I are so deeply connected that it is honestly really hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

There was a time where fear used to grip me at the thought of losing him only to some disease or accident. However, I have learned enough about our souls and their journeys today, to know that I no longer have to fear any of that.

Neither one of us is going anywhere until either one of us is ready and that is not for a very, very long time. We are best friends. We are best work partners. We are really everything to each other.

Something i cant live without

Nature I love all aspects of nature so much, that I know there are very few in this world today who can understand just how deeply I feel about Mother Earth. Aside from love, I feel that my very essence is somehow connected to the living consciousness of this planet.

I cannot imagine life without all the beauty that nature provides.

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And hence I appreciate them all, so, so much. Warm, Sunny Weather This may seem small and meaningless to some, but it is actually quite important for me. I really could not live without warm weather and the presence of the sun. The place I currently live in — Ontario, is as far as I will go to putting up with cold weather.

I am an outdoors kind of person and between that and my love for nature, having about 7 months of cold is not really ideal for me. So I look forward greatly to the summers, take some excursions down south in the winter to break it up a bit and plan for a near future in a warmer climate.

I know that my spiritual being knows everything it needs and has a direct access to the database of all knowledge. However, part of being in the physical is the chance and opportunities to learn everything brand new and I love this!

Well, I was there too, but after leaving formal education I quickly discovered a pure passion for learning and today it continues to be amplified in every area.

Learning leads to the acquisition of knowledge and what we do with that knowledge, in terms of how we choose to use it, leads to wisdom. We are all unique and diverse and when we ignite our own personal passions, we add to the collective whole in amazing ways.

We give this world and life, the color, meaning and depth that make them so amazing. When passion comes from a higher state of being, and not the ego, it can perform nothing short of miracles.

So what do I mean? What I mean by healthy is wholesome, natural, and unprocessed food straight from Mother Earth.thoughts on “ When You Can’t Get Well: Treatment Resistant Depression and Brain-Imagining Research ”.

Love is so much bigger than romance. We thought it was important to celebrate all of the types of love in our lives. From Deepak Chopra to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, read on as some of the most inspirational (and coolest!) people we know share the things they just can’t live without.

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