Peace of westphalia essay

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Peace of westphalia essay

The Peace of Westphalia ended with the signing of two treaties between the empire and the new great powers, Sweden and France, and settled the conflicts inside the empire with their guarantees. Bavaria kept the electorate that it had been given for its support of the emperor Ferdinand II during the revolt.

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Catholics and Protestants now including Calvinists as well as Lutherans accepted each other. Several regulations guaranteed their balance: The Peace of Westphalia is regarded as a milestone in the development toward tolerance and secularization.

Peace of westphalia essay

This settlement also strengthened the imperial Estates: The Peace of Westphalia was crucial in German and international history. Controversies about the Peace of Westphalia are not new.

The history of its reception and interpretation is as long as the history of its emergence.

Peace of westphalia essay

Unquestionably, though, the negotiations were a milestone in diplomacy and peacemaking. Sources on the peace are most valuable for always changing methods and perspectives of history. Research on the Peace of Westphalia increased enormously with its th anniversary in and its several conferences and exhibitions.

General Overviews The most recent scholarly monograph on the Westphalian negotiations and peace is Croxton The sometimes still-quoted Kopp and Schulte is an unacceptable work of Nazi propaganda. Repgen covers the main problems of the negotiations and how they were solved in the peace.

Tischer gives a short overview of the major conflicts that broke out and developed, until their settlement in Croxton and Tischera reference work, includes the variety of new research being done in the late s and provides short explanations of terms, persons, topics, and so on that concern the Peace of Westphalia.

A perfect introduction into the current state of research on the Thirty Years War. The Thirty Years War: The Holy Roman Empire and Europe, — European History in Perspective. Asch asks if the Peace of Westphalia created a new order and concept of security for Europe.In The Peace of Westphalia, , Leo Gross contends that the Peace of Westphalia is significant because it “consecrated the principle of toleration by establishing the equality between Protestant and Catholic states and by providing some safeguards for religious minorities.” Thus, he states the “Peace of Westphalia was the starting.

The conclusion, like most things about the Peace of Westphalia, was filled with ambiguities.

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But let’s skip the ambiguities for a moment and address some basic questions about the Peace of Westphalia. In this essay an examination will be made of the history surrounding the Peace of Westphalia; the events that preceded it and followed it, the parties involved and the terms stated in the formal treaty that answer a pivotal question: what was the significance of the Treaty of Westphalia for the international system?

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