Mel usage

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Mel usage

Every function Maya performs is echoed in a MEL command whether it be a simple selection, adjusting Soft Body weights or programming a complex shader network. This article was originally written in November Maya has changed a lot since then, and I apologize for any information appearing below that is now out-of-date.

I accept any comments or questions to: Many MEL authors have generously made their scripts available for download from the internet.

To take advantage of these new scripts you must install them properly so Maya can make them available in your working environment. Under IRIX this is: To write effective MEL scripts it is important to know how they are handled within Maya.

The first time you enter a MEL command Maya scans your script directories for a script file that matches the name of the command. After the script is loaded Maya will remember it and run it from memory.

Mel usage

Maya knows you are sourcing a MEL script and will reload the new contents. When writing your own scripts, follow these simple guidelines: Name the script using the same name as the main function.


Add as many other functions to the script as necessary. If a procedure is used to perform a function initiated from a UI such as the command for a button press it must be a global procedure.

Most MEL scripts interact with the user's current selection. Your scripts will have to be able to determine what objects are selected and, in some cases, what types of objects they are and how they relate to other elements within the scene.

It is easy to get the current selection list using MEL. If nothing is selected, the array is empty and has a size of zero. To process each node in the selection list you can use a variation of the for loop that is specialized for use with arrays: This method also has the advantage of handling a zero selection without any additional work on your part.

That means you cannot directly add something to the selection list like this: In many cases you will need to process only NURBS objects, or only particle groups, or textures and shading groups. Do not allow your scripts to assume the user will always pick the proper object type.

Check the selection list and provide the proper warnings and assistance dialogs if the selection cannot be processed. There are other ways to achieve this - read on. Both of these commands return very similar results and, in some cases, can be used interchangeably.

You should ignore types not supported by your script, if possible, or alert the user as to the requirements of your script. In the example above both nodes listed were shape nodes. Unfortunately, you cannot assume that the selection list will always cooperate and give you the shape nodes when you need them.

Very often you will be given the transform node instead. Compare the results below: In this case it will be necessary to find the shape node yourself. It the shape node is already selected then it remains selected. Another advantage to this command is that it will expand the range selections to individual items.

This makes it considerably easier to parse component selections. Maya normally compresses adjacent component selections using a "[s:My name's Melody, but call me Mel for short!:) i'm just a 18 year old girl who loves fashion, beauty, videography, and being there for all my lovely one mil.

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