Lost property by james maloney

There is a story, probably fanciful, that the first of this name was a foundling, discovered by a monk on a bank of moss outside an abbey and given the surname "Moss Crop". It certainly seems to be true that the early origins of the name of those who eventually changed to Mossop are confined to this area. Those originally Moscrop in other areas appear to have retained the original spelling. After this date, I have used the spelling Mossop although, inevitably, around the transition period some individuals were baptised under one spelling and married and buried under others.

Lost property by james maloney

He emigrated to America in May,and Lost property by james maloney at New York, thence to Wisconsin, where he remained until the fall ofwhen he returned to New York.

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In February,he went to San Francisco, Cal. He now owns acres of fine land, and is extensively engaged in farming and stock-breeding, and makes a specialty of the latter.

Doyle is a member of the Catholic church. He has filled the offices of justice of the peace and trustee of his township.

The subject of this biographical sketch was born in the parish of Killeagh, County Cork, Ireland, September 29,his parents being John and Mary Doyle. When he grew up he learned the butcher's trade and followed it for many years after coming to America. He arrived in New York in May ofand immediately went to Wisconsin, where he remained until the fall of He then returned to new York where he continued working at his trade until ; when the gold fever was at its height in California he decided that chances for a young man were better on the Pacific slope, and money more plentiful, and to better his condition he came east as far as Iowa and settled in Scott County, purchasing a farm of one hundred and sixty acres in Winfield Township.

This farm he improved and in later years built on it one of the finest dwellings in the township. Having accumulated a comfortable competence and retired from business, Mr. Doyle, accompanied by his wife, revisited California inand while stopping at a hotel in San Francisco both met death from asphyxiation.

From a letter partially written, which was found in their rooms, it seemed that Mr.

The Colbert Report - Series | Comedy Central Official Site | caninariojana.com His mother came over and married his father in Dahl was named after the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen.

Doyle had retired early for the night, and, Mrs. Doyle's thoughts turning homeward, she started a letter to her family, which was never finished. The shock was a terrible blow to their children and friends in Scott County, and the community as well lost two of its most beloved and highly esteemed citizens.

John Leonard Doyle, the son, who now owns the old homestead, was born there and enjoys a large share of the esteem of his neighbors and of the people who have known him from boyhood.

He landed in Canada, where he remained two years, thence to Boston, Mass. He stayed two years in Davenport, and in he bought the farm he now lives on, in section 16, Winfield Township. His farm contains broad and fertile acres, all under good cultivation.

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He was married inin Massachusetts, to Susan Tyner. They have two children - George, born inand Susan, in Tyner is a member of the Episcopal church.

He does not take a very active interest in politics, but usually votes the Republican ticket. Murphy, self-educated and self-made, is now a leading lawyer of the Davenport bar, having a large and representative clientage.

He was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 15th of March, He afterward removed to Wilmington, Delaware, and in came to Iowa, settling in Dewitt, Clinton county, where he established a grocery store, which he conducted with continuous success for many years.

He remained a resident of that city until his death in He had for about eighteen years survived his wife, who bore the maiden name of Ellen Harkin and was a native of County Donegal, Ireland.

Murphy was a youth of ten years when he accompanied his parents on their westward removal to Dewitt, Iowa, where in the public schools he continued his education until he began preparation for the practice of law as a student in the State University, from which he was graduated in the law class of He had to work his own way through school, employment on the railroad giving him funds which enabled him to pursue his education.

Laudable ambition, however, prompted him to qualify for a professional career, while determination and energy enabled him to set at naught the difficulties and obstacles which barred his path.

Lost property by james maloney

Following his graduation he entered the office of P.Lost Property. By James Moloney. Favourite I hoped Michael was all right. I'd bring him back, though, if I could find him.

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