How to engage with the community through networking

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How to engage with the community through networking

These professions typically require persuasiveness aimed at gaining favor or business which are common objectives of professional networking. Why then should nurses take professional networking seriously? After all, nurses are not salesmen or insurance agents.

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What is professional networking? A social network can be defined as a network of social interactions and personal relationships. By contrast, a professional network is a network of professional interactions and professional relationships.

Many nurses tend to be more comfortable with the concept of a social network. Social networking is perceived as natural and authentic while professional networking can easily be perceived as contrived and based on ulterior motives.

However, if you think of networks as groups of people with some common interest who share knowledge and assist each other in some way, then it becomes clear that professional networks can be as authentic and natural as we perceive social networks to be. After all, the relationships you build with classmates, workplace colleagues, and professional association members are certainly authentic.

However, if we approach active networking with the mindset that we are seeking to establish relationships that are mutually beneficial, then it becomes more palatable.

In other words, a connection maybe able to offer direct help or put you in contact with someone who can directly help you, but you maybe able to return the favor at some point. Moreover, every professional connection should be based on interactions that involve knowledge sharing and mutual professional development.

So, why is professional networking so important for nurses?

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In fact, networking may play an even larger role when it comes to nursing jobs. The recruitment departments at hospitals and healthcare organizations thrive on employee referrals. Their employee referral programs are among the most aggressive in the country.

They typically offer generous employee referral bonuses which incentivize their employees to make more referrals. And hospital recruitment departments routinely beat the referral drum in an effort to instill a referral culture. Moreover, if your nursing career goal is to work in an acute care hospital, then there are limited options in any given geographical area.

This scenario is the same throughout the country.

How to engage with the community through networking

Given all these variables, professional networking is probably the single best approach for nurses to land the jobs they want. You may want to eventually attain a leadership role.

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Or you may want to move from a Long Term Care setting to an acute care setting. Instead, the employer is looking for experience that will make the transition seamless at best and smooth at worst.

Professional networking can help nurses achieve the fundamental knowledge required to take the next step. For example, nurses can develop relationships with individuals who work in their desired fields or roles with the intent of gaining knowledge.

Nurses may also network with people outside their current scope of practice. Therefore, an OR Staff Nurse who wishes to advance as an OR Unit Manager would benefit from networking within these departments to establish the fundamental knowledge required as well as connections.

This way, when the time comes for an interview, the nurse will be prepared. Of course, career advancement also involves reference checks. References are a major issue in the healthcare industry where employers need to be able to prove due diligence to maintain JCAHO certification and avoid potential lawsuits.Through virtual and live hosted events, The Bridge Club offers a unique engagement, learning, and networking opportunity for professionals.

How to engage with the community through networking

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