Custom snowboards ratio analysis historical analysis future performance

Gabriel Campanario Illustrator, Author Gabriel Campanario is an award-winning illustrator and author best known for his storytelling work as the Seattle Sketcher at The Seattle Timesand as the founder of the global Urban Sketchers movement and nonprofit organization. A native of Barcelona, Gabi has a journalism degree from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, and more than two decades of experience in creative roles for newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of Seattle Sketcher:

Custom snowboards ratio analysis historical analysis future performance

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Custom Snowboards Essay Sample Custom Snowboards is a company that uses financials to their benefit, they would naturally prepare a yearly budget and most likely a five-year budget with expected sales and costs, as well as the direction of the company and a growth plan.

Custom Snowboards should clean up their financials before pursuing an expansion. A clean-up should begin well in advance to requesting funding for growth or expansion. Custom Snowboards does not appear to carry a lot of excess inventory, but every little bit helps the cash flow. Another way in help increase their cash flow would be to collect more receivables.


This does not seem very high, but external factors could help to make this look better or worse depending upon the circumstances. Reviewing Custom Snowboards Horizontal Analysis, it appears they have already begun reducing the accounts receivable, as well as reducing Notes Payable, Mortgage payable, and short and long term investments.

A third option deals with accounts payable.

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Custom Snowboards might be able to negotiate longer terms with their vendors. With longer payment terms they could stretch their cash flow a little. If the extended terms are not needed the company could make payments within normal terms, usually 30 days. On time and early payments to vendors shows an ability and want to pay their bills.

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After cleaning up their financials, the first thing to do to begin this report is to think like a banker or an investor. Their primary goal is to make money.

To get a good approximation of Custom Snowboards financial health the vice president of the bank would look at assets, financial reserves, liquidity, profitability, solvency, collateral, and ability to pay the loan back, and too many others to name.

It is best to exhibit multiple periods for trending. A big concern might be the ability for Custom Snowboards to repay the loan. This data alone does not evoke the best financial picture for Custom Snowboards, but the positive side is they do have income. Even though the Net Sales are down in year 14 and only slightly up in year 12, the consistency in the percentage of the changes shown in the Horizontal Analysis demonstrates that Custom Snowboards are dependable and honest in their budgeting and planning.

Unlike the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet show a snapshot for a particular moment in time. The Balance Sheet and Horizontal Analysis being reviewed is for the end of the year.

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Custom Snowboards could offer their property and equipment to the bank as collateral. The net of these small, but having more property and equipment then debt of those shows that Custom Snowboards is thinking and planning rationally, and not likely to jump into a risky expansion.

A concern of all lenders is the ability of the borrower to repay the loan. A strong realistic five-year plan will detail the intentions and direction of the company.

Once they have an aggressive, but conservative five-year plan they need to look into making improvements. To hopefully mitigate the lack of sale, the company would need to bring in new strategies to bring in new and repeat customers.B1.

Historical Analysis Historical analysis of Custom Snowboards financial statements shows the company’s net sales from to Net Sales In custom snowboards net sales were $6,,, net sales and continued to increase by.2% in The following table presents a summary of ratio analysis for Uncle Joes Coffee, based on the most recent 12 months and 5 year comparisons of uncle joes with averages n the resteraunt industry and the services sector, respectively.

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Custom snowboards ratio analysis historical analysis future performance

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