Computer graphics thesis

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Computer graphics thesis

Diese Lehrveranstaltung kann nicht durch Lehrveranstaltungen anderer Fachgebiete an der TU oder anderer Hochschulen ersetzt werden. Real-time Image Dehazing — Christian Thurow Unlike existing search engines, which try to find images by their textual annotations, this system uses information provided by the image itself.

Furthermore, the user is able to explore the database by navigating into different directions of image characteristics. Februar This study presents several different image browsing approaches based on tags.

The data this study is based upon is described and how an inverted document index based on the images as documents and the tags as index keys is generated.

Clustering is performed to identify semantic groups of tags contained in the inverted document index. Finally, applications for static and dynamic image browsing of the inverted document index and the browsing of pre-computed cluster hierarchies are presented and the results evaluated.

November In this thesis we develop a software system that allows the user to browse large image databases consisting of millions of images.

November The aim of this thesis is to develop an interactive technique allowing to create 3D-objects in an immersive 3D environment. Immersive 3D environments are used for product-development and -review. Research on sketching shows that the prevalent technique Computer graphics thesis the early phase of product-design is still simple sketching on paper.

Markers usually ease the recognition of objects but require special preparation of each object. For applications exposed to public access this is an unwelcome limitation. The general idea behind is comparable to existing multitouch projects in this group but Computer graphics thesis contrast multiple self-sustaining devices are used that are in no other way but a wireless network connection attached to the computer running the actual application.

Februar While more and more documents are being stored, transmitted and used only in a digital format, old books or other printed materials have to be digitized either for archival reasons or to be usable in further processing applications. During the image acquisition process either by flatbed scanners or by digital cameras artefacts like noise, borders, skew, perspective distortion, or warping might be introduced, all of which may diminish further usability of the digital copies.

Januar This thesis presents a specialized Spatial Augmented Reality system which is able to augment arbitrary, dynamic scenes in real-time without prior knowledge of the environment, and able to use the information about the environment for geometry-aware augmentation.

We do this by extending a SAR system to use flexible real-time acquired depth information from a time-of-flight photonic mixing device PMD. This information is needed to react to environment changes and maintain the spatial relationship with the displayed image.

Januar This thesis presents existing algorithms, like the contour-buildup algorithm or the powercell algorithm, and modifies and parallelizes them for a very fast computation of the SES or MSS. Another focus of this thesis is the realtime visualization of molecular surfaces.

It will be investigated whether realtime visulization is possible by triangulation or GPU based raycasting. In addition to molecular surfaces also molecular properties shall be displayed by color-coding.

Januar Time-of-flight ToF sensors experience a recent burst of advancement, due to the progress made in semiconductor production.

Using a modulated, incoherent light source, this sensor type promises low-cost and real-time distance acquisition. But error studies have shown that a variety of systematic errors distort the measurements of PMD sensors.

This work attempts to tackle the task of developing a method of efficiently recording calibration data for a PMD sensor by using an industrial robot.

An industrial robot with its fast movements, high accuracy and good working range is a suitable device for measurements of this type.

With the help of a robot, comprehensive calibration data was recorded. The data was analyzed and compared to results of related work. A module for real-time correction of the camera data was developed.

It reduces the average depth error from November Multitouch has become popular in the last years, as the production of such systems has become a lot cheaper through optical techniques. All of these techniques rely on invisible light mostly infrared reflections imaged by a camera.

One of the more popular techniques is based on the Frustrated Total Internal Reflection FTIR effect, it relies on the change of the refraction angle issued through pressure on the display. Another technique is based on Diffuse Illumination DI and relies on direct reflections.

DI allows us to track and recognize passive markers made of reflective materials.

Computer graphics thesis

Those can be mounted on any object of the appropriate size. To distinguish markers from each other they can contain unique patterns to uniquely identify the marker and hence the object, such markers are called fiducials.

Since our tracking software takes reference frames to remove ambient light, we can easily detect active markers as the they are the only source of light. Through different geometric forms of active markers an object can be identified.Computer Graphics Phd Thesis. computer graphics phd thesis phd research topic in Computer Graphics has created a strong foundation in the field of research due to its wide not a new topic for us as everybest online dating essays Computer Graphics Phd Thesis help me with my music homework word essay generatorComputer Graphics thesis writing service to assist in writing a masters.

The Department of Computer Graphics Technology touches all aspects of computer graphics, from animation to scientific visualization, and from user experience to game studies. Research projects on these topics push the boundaries of how the medium can be used, while the variety of degree options to prepare students to be practitioners and managers in an array of computer graphics-related careers.

We permanently offer proposals for bachelor and master thesis projects in all areas across our research activities (see our research areas page) and related subjects which cover most topics in Computer Graphics.

The thesis topics are usually specified in cooperation with one of our research assistants and/or Prof. Kobbelt taking into . My thesis already had a great deal of graphics by virtue of being in the field of computer graphics, but I wanted to use graphics as much as possible to explain concepts, or failing that to help clarify the writing.

Computer Graphics: Effects of Origins Identify the primary thesis in the reading by Beverly Jones, “Computer Graphics: Effects of Origins”. Create either a written or a multimedia essay that explains and illustrates Jones’ thesis by using a current cultural example.

You will be graded on the following. Written Essay caninariojana.comtly identify the primary thesis of . How can I select a topic for a Master’s thesis in computer graphics? Update Cancel. ad by Master machine learning with a course created by Kaggle.

How can I choose a master thesis topic in computer science for educational focus? How do I select a thesis topic on image processing?

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