Compensation strategy essay

A paper on American literature Compensation Management Compensation is a human resource strategy aimed at sourcing out maximum returns from the available workforce.

Compensation strategy essay

Define who the market is. Know how competitive you want to be. Choose what to reward. If your organization specifically your Exec team can reach consensus on the right strategy, then you can move onto the next step of crafting a compensation plan.

There are many more moving parts after these things are decided. PayScale Client Example In the webinar, we gave some examples of compensation strategies that worked at various client organizations. They were as diverse as the Compensation strategy essay we work with. You can listen to the full webinar for all the examples, but here is one client example that stands out.

We recently worked with a large organization that was concerned with their across-the-board increase strategy. They also had a complicated internal job evaluation method for determining pay rangesbut it was not helping them stay competitive with external competitors.

Bottom-line benefits Effective compensation strategy and design can help organizations in their efforts to develop compensation programs that: • Help to attract, retain and motivate critical workforce. What Will Drive the Pay Strategies of Tomorrow? The pay trends of the future will very much mirror the business trends of the future. And the focus of business in the coming years will be to accelerate innovation and attract talent that would normally be inclined towards a more entrepreneurial experience. Due to Interclean embarking on a new strategic direction, upper management has asked lower lever management to come up with a new compensation plan for the sales team. In this proposal I will explain a new compensation plane for the new sales team along with why this proposal will benefit the company and the employees.

The first step in the project was to meet with their execs team to work through the three questions above to get to the right pay strategy. Who was their market: The nature of their organization was that they were competing with other government agencies, private enterprise, and casinos for talent.

They would need market data that represented the diversity of their business operations. How competitive were they going to be: Their overall strategy was to be competitive with the market at the 50th percentile, but there were some areas especially in healthcare where this strategy was not going to work for them.

So, they created a meet-the-market approach for most positions with an exception for high-demand areas. In those areas, they varied their strategy to target the 75th percentile. Knowing that they had some work to do to get their managers ready to reward performance, they decided to move forward with a raise strategy that rewarded employees based on their position against the market.

In time, they will add an additional variable of performance to the equation. Since completing this exercise, the organization is well positioned to compete for and retain the talent they need, keep operating costs in line with board expectations and communicate clearly with employees how the compensation plan was designed.

This is just one example of many highlighting how a well-thought out strategy can help to guide a compensation plan that will meet business objectives. Tell us, do you have a compensation strategy that works well?However each firm had a customised approach in developing a compensation strategy keeping in view employee needs, business goals and organisation environment.

This essay endeavours to understand the best compensation and benefits strategies that high performing organisations in the high technology industry have undertaken.

compensation strategy — is so connected to the firm’s identity, business plan, and mission, approaches will be different for individual firms. Often, this is a process of evolution. According to Adam Sheer, President of The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc.

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Compensation strategy essay

strategy. | | | Introduction Compensation is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work performed. (Hr guide ) Compensation is . Bottom-line benefits Effective compensation strategy and design can help organizations in their efforts to develop compensation programs that: • Help to attract, retain and motivate critical workforce.

Compensation Strategy for Knowledge Workers To prepare for this assignment, review Waring’s article about employee compensation, which is also.

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