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Business decision making by koushik 100

Are you afraid of rules and regulation in Mediclaim policies?

Business decision making by koushik 100

Today we will look at most frequently asked questions in Health Insurance try to answer those questions. Can a person get claim from his own company and spouse company if they are covered under both companies?

Yes, if both husband and wife are covered from their employer, they can claim from insurance provided to them by both the companies. Now if something happens and husband gets hospitalized and expenses are 1.

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If you have cashless facility then you just show both health cards. One important point worth noting is that during reimbursement, one should apply for the reimbursement first to his parent company and then to the one of his spouse.

See some hidden health insurance policies 2. Do we have to notify the company about any illness or habit developed in between? No, we are not required to notify the company regarding any complication or health issue. If the policyholder is hospitalized, the company will automatically come to know of it.

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Otherwise, no need to inform the company about any such policy. If you notify the company, your premium for year after notification will increase, if it is under their list of illness to be checked. They have doctors panels with whom they check your details before giving you the claim.

Does Health Insurance cover everything from accident, surgery, normal hospitalization? Yes, Health Insurance covers you for everything, provided you were hospitalized, be it for any reason; due to accident, illness, or disease.

If someone met with an accident and he is hospitalized, then his mediclaim policy will pay for his bills, no exceptions. Watch this video to know what are the things to look for while choosing a health insurance plan: What are the advantages of sticking to one Health Insurance company for a long time?

The plus point of sticking with one company is that if someone is suffering from any pre-existing disease at the time of commencement of policy, those complications will be covered after 4 years. Until portability is introduced in India, this is the single biggest advantage to stick with one company for long.

Business decision making by koushik 100

Another advantage is that when you have a continued policy from any insurance company, after few years you get bonus or discount in premium. Can they travel to India for treatment and claim?

What about emergency situations? They can definitely travel to India for treatment and can claim it. The premium amount computed depends on Indian conditions and parameters. So if a NRI has health insurance form Indian company, that person would be paying premium as per India actuaries and obviously cost of treatment in his residing country would be higher than India.

If a person get dengue and he is very critical and requires urgent hospitalization, the cost of treatment in India would come up to lacs and this is on higher side. How to claim successfully in case of emergency and planned hospitalization? The most basic fundamental for a smooth claim process is keeping all your documents up to date.

While submitting your documents make sure that all the documents are proper and there is no missing document pertaining to your illness.

This will just give a chance to TPAs to make excuses and you will have to run for your money. Is it better to take accidental policy separately or mix it with term insurance as a rider? If your accidental policy is a rider with some Term insurance 9 most asked questions about Term Insurance then you must take care that it covers everything what accidental policy should cover.

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