British and american culture essay

American influence was inseparable from the wider world project of modernisation. For some, the result is dashed expectations or disapprobation.

British and american culture essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? British Influence in American Culture To this day, the influence of early British colonists can be felt in multiple facets of American life.

This is far more than can be said for the limited authority manifested in present day American culture in regard for Spanish colonialism and subsequent influence.

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Perhaps the most glaring of influences credited to the country of Great Britain, is the fact that the English language remains the official form of communication throughout the whole of the country. Although the presence of a myriad of religions is a reality in America, by and large, Protestantism has been the focal point for many of its citizens, a direct result of British Anglicanism.

Of all the religious bodies which were brought from the Old World to the New during the entire colonial period, none received so much assistance from the mother country in gaining a foothold in America as did the Church of England.

Additionally, it is possible to look to the architecture of most American homes to establish the root influence responsible for them. Although more popular in the American southwest than in other regions, the so-called Spanish style can only account for roughly 7 per cent of designs.

The Tudor style, of British origins is far more popular in the U. Cooper Square Publishers,NY.

British and american culture essay

Colonial America, Richard Middleton. Blackwell Publishers,Cambridge, Masachusetts. Crowell Company,NY. American Colonies, Alan Taylor. Viking Publishers,NY.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.I do feel like I have achieved my goal of analyzing four categories or aspects of British Culture. I also feel like I have effectively covered the history, ethnicity, customs, and future direction of British Culture. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then.

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British, and American . American culture was helped by the development of radio, that enable them to influence foreign culture in more ways. This technological development opened a gate like a one way communication where popular culture from other country can travel worldwide.3/5(2).

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British and american culture essay

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Nowadays, the American culture has been enjoying increasing popularity throughout the whole world. In this sense, it is necessary for people to learn more about the value of American culture.

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Generally, American people impress others with their distinctive characteristics, like individuality, focus on privacy, and achievement. the American South) or race and ethnicity (typified by, say, Arab culture). In this view, culture consists of the ultimate values that knit together people with some kind of common ancestral tie.

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