Blue shield case study

Email Major depression is on the rise among Americans and certain groups and parts of the country have been hit harder than others, according to a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield of America. The data looks at medical claims from Blue Cross Blue Shield members from to and found a 33 percent jump in diagnosis of major depression over that time.

Blue shield case study

Although it is true that cell phones emit low frequency magnetic fields that can be measured in milliGauss, they also emit high frequency microwave radiation which is what all the concern and publicity is about, and which the products below are designed to shield.

Many clients have contacted us seeking a shield for BOTH magnetic fields and microwaves for their phone. Such a shield does not currently exist. To reduce your exposure to BOTH types of radiation, use an airtube headset and keep the phone itself at a distance.

What does the number of bars displayed on the phone really mean. Not much at all. How To Test Cell Phone Shielding Products Cell phone, mobile phones, and cordless phones produce both magnetic fields and radiowaves microwaves.

Most cell phone shielding devices are designed to reduce the radiowaves. But you can test for either, if you wish. The tricky part about measuring the radiation from a cell phone is that the emission strength varies widely over time. There will be strong bursts of varying intensity, followed by quiet periods.

This makes it hard to compare "apples to apples". Also, because you are measuring up close to the source, you must use a near field meter AND you must maintain the position of the meter very precisely.

First, you must have a proper meter. To check for magnetic field emissions, an AC Gaussmeter will work. Most AC gaussmeters will have an internal probe. Simply position the gaussmeter on the phone. Note carefully where the meter is positioned. Make a call and watch the readings. Notice the highest and lowest readings, and make a mental note of the "average" reading.

Now, insert the magnetic shieldand repeat. To check for radiowave emissions, use an RF meter with Near Field antenna. Again, position the antenna loop on the phone because the entire antenna stem has some sensitivity, it is best to position the entire antenna over the area that will be shielded.

Note carefully where the loop is positioned. Now, insert the shield, and repeat. In general, you will not be able to completely kill a cell phone signal, unless you use extraordinary measures to attenuate the signal.

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With a good connection, you will need an enclosure which provides a million-to-one reduction or better to prevent the phone from connecting. Radiation levels near the phone can be quite high. Using a headset to increase the distance from the phone to your head dramatically reduces your radiation exposure.

Long 39 inch cord with built-in microphone. Works with most phone models.

Blue shield case study

Better than speaker phone mode as you can enjoy more privacy and put the phone down. Check which plug style you need: For iPhone and similar models: What our customers tell us: I just received your earbuds and plugged them into the ipod and noticed an immediate difference Three feet long, white, and very light weight.

Has standard iPhone 3. Simply plug one end into your iPhone, and plug your headset into the other end. You can daisy chain up to 4 extensions to get a total length of 12 feet if you need it! Available in black or white.Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Case Studies Jun Read more about their exciting outcomes in this exclusive WELCOA case study.

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Major depression is on the rise among Americans and certain groups and parts of the country have been hit harder than others, according to a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield of America. The eighth season of Blue Bloods, a police procedural drama series created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, premiered on CBS on September 29, The season contained 22 episodes and concluded on May 11, 2 Most Texans with private insurance are enrolled in Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, in which consumers save money if they get their care within a specified network of providers.

Case study: Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Louisiana and The Baton Rouge Clinic A successful relationship between a health plan and healthcare provider system leads to improved outcomes.

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