Bee keeping

Thanks so much, Megan, and please keep the good ideas buzzing! Honeybees are a wonderfully low maintenance and beneficial addition to any backyard or rooftop garden. Having one or two apiaries nearby can dramatically increase the rate of pollination in the surrounding flora, resulting in more abundant crops and ample seed for propagation.

Bee keeping

Complete with advice for what you need to start, what is really necessary and what is optional, and how to decide. Make educated decisions on what to buy, and how much you should pay.

Step by step instructions Bridges the gap between the usual vague coverage of a beginning beekeeping guide and the hard to understand thick manuals. Covers all the basics and essentials you need to know. From getting started all the way through harvesting your honey.

Bee keeping

Learn how to set up your hive the correct way, miss a few critical elements and your bees may be in for some trouble. Discover what tools you need, and which will just waste your time and money. Understand the difference between the different types of bees and why you need to know.

Uncover the one critical mistake you must avoid when installing a package of bees. This could literally be the difference between having a happy healthy hive, or having your bees fly away forever.

Learn the parts of a hive, and the necessary terminology. Almost anyone can keep bees. With the right information, almost anyone can keep bees and make their own honey. How to keep bees in urban areas. How to overcome "sting phobia" quickly and easily.

Bee keeping

Discover when bees are most likely to be happy, or a little "annoyed. How to show your friends and family your hive without risking their health, or a panic attack.

Insider secrets to making beekeeping easier, simpler, and more fun.What Just Some Of Our Free Kit Subscribers Are Saying: "Since I am a new bee, I have found your DVD and all of your [beekeeping kit] very informative.

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Keep up the great work at let all of us new want to be beekeepers looking forward to your next newsletters. The Practical Beekeeper Beekeeping Naturally. Bee Camp in May Speaking. Click here to see if I will be somewhere close to you. I've started a Patreon you are interesting in providing ongoing support for this work, you can become a patron.

Condensed version originally published in ABJ October Randy Oliver A number of findings regarding the miticide amitraz (as well as the neonicotinoid insecticides) have come to my attention in recent months. Find Us on Facebook.

MAAREC – Mid Atlantic Apiculture Research & Extension Consortium

Cumbria Beekeepers Association is a member of the British Beekeeping Association and is the umbrella organisation for the 5 local branches in Cumbria.

Worcester County Beekeepers Association, Massachusetts. HONEY BEE SWARM REMOVAL. Honeybee swarms are a natural process where the bees divide their colony and half of them leave home along with their queen, to start a new hive. Online shopping for Patio, Lawn & Garden from a great selection of Tools, Protective Gear, Bee Houses, Queen Rearing Equipment, Hive Bodies & Supers & more at everyday low prices.

Amitraz: Red Flags Or Red Herrings? @ Scientific Beekeeping